Subject: install.txt/SRM-ARC & XL266
To: None <>
From: David Gessel <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/09/1999 07:29:23
Apropos to neophyte installations on AXP machines, it seems to this
beginner that without the SRM console it's not possible to install
netBSD.  I have an old XL266 that seems to only have an ARC console, and
further that compaq doesn't offer a SRM firmware upgrade.  I'm hoping I'm
just totally wrong.  Any hints on how to get through the install on this
particular machine?


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---Darren Reed <> wrote:
> In some email I received from Ross Harvey, sie wrote:
> > > From: Darren Reed <>
> > >
> > > ok, so the install.txt file sucks, we all know that.
> > 
> > It does?  What can we do to improve it?
> I'll give you a clue.  Pretend you're a beginner and you want to
> install NetBSD.  Given that you've got the "INSTALL.txt", you've
> already retrieved the entire distribution.  Start reading.
> If you're a good reader, you might get to the instructions about
> installation within 5 minutes.  If you get fed up with the waffle
> at the start then you've realized what the first big problem is.
> Then actually try to follow the instructions given for installation,
> word by word and see just how well you do - don't do anything the
> installation document doesn't say (i.e. take in no prior knowledge
> which must of us have).
> btw, the above comments are necessarily specific to Alpha, I've noticed
> the same problem in other port INSTALL.txt files that I've had the
> misfortune of looking at.
> Darren

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