Subject: Re: Recommended hard drives for Multia
To: Joe Royce <>
From: Wim Vandeputte <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/07/1999 17:09:28
In message <>, Joe Royce writ

>	I recently had the (mis?)fortune of obtaining a DEC Multia without
>a hard drive. It has the NCR 59c810 PCI SCSI card but I'm not familiar
>enough with it to know what type of drive is compatable. I'm guessing it's
>SCSI-2. I've found a place that sells the origional 340meg disk but I
>would prefer to get at least a 2gig disk. Does anyone have any
>recommendations? Thank you for your time.

Over here we are using an 18 GB UW drive... all you need is the correct
cables and converter plugs. The disk is connected using a flat internal
cable, running out of the Multia, into another enclosure. The NCR
controler works fine, the disk just switches back to SCSI2.

You don't need to look for old disks, just get a nice one in your price
category and you'll be able to use it later on a 'real' system.