Subject: Getting there: Hangs during boot
To: None <>
From: Bruce Lane <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/06/1999 20:48:58
	Ok, here's the setup. TurboChannel box (3000/600), updated to the latest
SRM and firmware revs with the appropriate CD purchased straight from
DECompaq. The system has 128MB RAM, a 1 gig SCSI drive, and an RRD43 in the

	I'm trying to boot NetBSD 1.4 from the CD available through Bob Nestor. It
gets to the following point, and then simply hangs with a locked keyboard.
A power cycle is necessary to clear the hang.

>>> boot dka400

<a series of what look like normal boot messages follow, then...>

scc1 at ioasic0 offset 0x180000

	As mentioned, it hangs at this point, and the CD-ROM drive light keeps
flashing in a regular pattern (about twice a second).

	I'm thinking that the media Bob burned the image onto may be defective.
With that in mind, I'm going to try duplicating it to known-reliable media
and see what happens.

	Any thoughts from the rest of you?

	Thanks in advance.

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