Subject: machine check / panic
To: None <>
From: D.Joyce <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/05/1999 19:55:54
Why my Alpha get a maching chech or a panic (never sure which one it is)
it seems to dump the ram to the root (sd0a).  Then it does something
all. . . it's get some constant scrolling error about ncr0:0 something. .
anyway, as far as i can tell, the system is trying to dump my 128M
of ram to my 64M root filesystem. . .  Am I right?  When it runs out
of space it gives a scsi error. 

  Okay, now the question is: How to I make it either A) Don't dump at all.
  or B) dump to the swap partition?
Also, does anyone else have the problem of a machine chech on evtreamly
heavy disc I/O?  The error output is never the same, and I can never write
it down because of the scsi ncr0:0 errors after it. . .  Maybe I should
use a serial console so I can capture it to a file.

-Dave Joyce