Subject: Re: Installing on DEC 3000 - 600
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/02/1999 21:18:53
Regarding "how to install on a tc box with no floppy", some people who have
installed such things recently should chime in, but the abstract answer
from the armchair over here is:

	1. Buy the CD from Bob Nestor's non-profit NetBSD CD operation
	   (Alternatively, locate one of the 1,500 CD's we gave away to
	    each Usenix attendee in June; they are bootable on alpha.)
	2. Burn the `cdhdtape' image, to a CD.
	3. Write the `cdhdtape' image to a disk or tape, and possibly play
	   musical drives as neeeded

Note that with (1) you get distribution sets on the image. With (2)
it's just the same install kernel that the dual-floppy boot loads, so
you still have to ftp the sets, obviously...

You might be totally lucky, and have an old-SRM that can actually
netboot, I think I saw it work, once...

Pointers to most of these items are on the NetBSD/alpha home page:

> From: (Andrew Fleming)
> I have a DEC 3000 - 600 that is currently running Digital UNIX 3.2.  I
> would like to try installing NetBSD on this system, but it does not
> have a floppy drive.  I have an extra HD, and a Tape Drive on this
> system, and it does have a SCSI CD-ROM. 
> Any suggestions on which method would be easiest or best device to use
> to get the BSD kernel booted so I can start the install.  I have
> access to a CD burner on a windows machine also.  
> It doesn't look like it, but could I add a floppy drive?  
> Which other method would be best?  Another HD, Tape, CD (If I could
> even make one), or just set up a bootp and tftp servers?  
> Also I thought I read that the graphics adaptors on the MicroChannel
> machines are supported, but the keyboard and mouse are not.  Can
> anyone confirm or deny this.  I don't care if I have to use a serial
> console, but a Graphical Console would be nice.  
> I have installed FreeBSD and LINX on intel boxes, and Digital UNIX on
> another ALPHA box, but this is my first NetBSD install, so any other
> installation suggestions or tips would be appreciated.