Subject: Re: Zoom. Now what? :)
To: matthew green <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/02/1999 21:49:51
matthew green wrote
>    > I've noticed that some options I'm used to seeing on are off in GENERIC,
>    > such as kernfs and procfs.  Do these have problems, or are they just not
>    > useful to Alpha users?  :)
>    This is because the meaning of the GENERIC kernel has been corrupted
>    a little on other ports. It's supposed to mean: "everything you might
>    need to get going", not "everything under the sun". Like many other
>    things, it's more right over here. :-)

Take a look at /sys/arch/alpha/conf/ALPHA 

This is what I use to customize my kernel. It also show the options
for kernfs and procfs, which I had running on previous installs on my
system and I am confident it still will under NetBSD-1.4

cheerio Berndt
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