Subject: Re: July 30 snapshot
To: D.Joyce <>
From: Sheila&bob <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 08/01/1999 08:13:50
we have all been "new" at one time or another.
I ask my share of questions, some are repeats that have been asked at
least a 1000 times before.
The patience level in the NetBSD community is rather high, and once I
found I could search for answers - even comparing some of the FAQs in
the Linux area, I was able to ask "better" and maybe even more unique

The NetBSD crews (at least alpha and Vax) are not the kind of folks who
flare up and say RTFM all the time.

I can't help with your question just now, I am still working on last
weeks stuff: How to get your Alpha to come up in the future, get the web
prices on stuff, and then come back to the present!

What is that about?  Last weekend some one had a time machine alpha, He
is probably a millionaire by now, having used his alpha to look back and
get around the stock market drop and all that...

Good luck with your prob!!

"D.Joyce" wrote:
> I've tried for the last 12 hours to get this
> to work.  I'm new to NetBSD and I feel stupid
> asking questions.
>   Atteched is the tail end of the make output
> from my AlphaStation.  Can someone tell me what
> I'm doing wrong?
> -Dave Joyce
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>    make.logName: make.log
>            Type: Plain Text (text/plain)