Subject: Re: Netbooting, Minor Problems
To: Tobias Ernst <>
From: R. C. Dowdeswell <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/29/1999 15:20:33
I had a problem that was similar to this on my Multias, but it did not
occur with -current (a few months ago), and I haven't seen it recently,
and I track -current within a few weeks.  So, I'd suggest that you give
/pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-1.4_ALPHA a go, and see how that works.  (UVM is
worth it, anyway.)

On 925422164 seconds since the Beginning of the UNIX epoch
Tobias Ernst wrote:
>The major part being done, I still have some minor problems when netbooting
>NetBSD 1.3.3 on my Multia. The first bootp request successed, the TFTP transfer
>of the boot block succeeds, the transfer of the kernel via NFS suceeds. The
>kernel probes the hardware and finds all devices it needs. So far so good. 
>After probing is done, however, I get the following messages:
>nfs_boot: trying BOOTP/DHCP
>nfs_boot: timeout...
>cannout mount root, error = 60
>root device (default de0): 
>At this prompt , I simply press enter, then I press enter when being asked for
>the dump device, and enter when being asked for the file system (default nfs):
>Then the kernel retries:
>nfs_boot: trying BOOTP/DHCP
>nfs_boot: BOOTP server: 0xc0a80101
>and so forth, i.e. this time the bootp request suceeds and the machine boots
>into multi user mode. Why does it not work in the first time? As I only supply
>defaults by pressing enter three times, the kernel cannot really be lacking
>I already tried to compile a custom kernel with
>config          netbsd  root on de0 type nfs
>but it didn't help.

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