Subject: Netbooting, Minor Problems
To: None <>
From: Tobias Ernst <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/29/1999 23:42:44

The major part being done, I still have some minor problems when netbooting
NetBSD 1.3.3 on my Multia. The first bootp request successed, the TFTP transfer
of the boot block succeeds, the transfer of the kernel via NFS suceeds. The
kernel probes the hardware and finds all devices it needs. So far so good. 

After probing is done, however, I get the following messages:

nfs_boot: trying BOOTP/DHCP
nfs_boot: timeout...
cannout mount root, error = 60
root device (default de0): 

At this prompt , I simply press enter, then I press enter when being asked for
the dump device, and enter when being asked for the file system (default nfs):
Then the kernel retries:

nfs_boot: trying BOOTP/DHCP
nfs_boot: BOOTP server: 0xc0a80101

and so forth, i.e. this time the bootp request suceeds and the machine boots
into multi user mode. Why does it not work in the first time? As I only supply
defaults by pressing enter three times, the kernel cannot really be lacking

I already tried to compile a custom kernel with

config          netbsd  root on de0 type nfs

but it didn't help.