Subject: Re: make release
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/27/1999 09:10:56
Ross Harvey wrote:

> Actually, none of the alpha snapshots or releases have ever been made using
> that target.
> In fact, it has only worked for the release(7) format since February 5, 1999,
> and it has been modified every few days since then. It is now on revision
> 1.116 and I think I'm glad I've so far avoided it...

See my message with the unfortunate subject "expanding" to tech-install
and tech-userlevel from a couple of days ago.  On the pmax, I can type
"make release" and come back around 13 hours later with a directory in
release(7) format including installation media.  Sure it's not perfect
(checkflist and the INSTALL notes for example), but it beats doing it by
hand any day.

Those of us with machines where one can type "make build", grab a
coffee, and then piece together a snapshot can probably afford to
do something different :-)