Subject: Re: make release
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: Erik E. Fair <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/26/1999 14:01:35
At 13:00 -0700 4/26/99, Ross Harvey wrote:

>Actually, none of the alpha snapshots or releases have ever been made using
>that target.

Actually, I did, just the other day. However, I haven't made it available
to anyone. Just me doing my daily builds on the platforms I have.

>In fact, it has only worked for the release(7) format since February 5, 1999,
>and it has been modified every few days since then. It is now on revision
>1.116 and I think I'm glad I've so far avoided it...
>	Ross.Harvey@Computer.Org

Historically true. However, I believe that automation is good, and the
manual release process we've used to date makes it easy to forget steps and
skip key components. The more we automate it, the easier it is to turn the
crank, and we've stated a goal of trying to release more often...

The number of changes is just an artifact of discovering things we missed,
and automating ever more of the process. I've been using "make snapshot"
for years without ill effect, and often to the great happiness of the
people using sun3 & sparc. I was very happy to see it modified to produce
release(7) conformant results, and will be even happier to see the other
parts of the release process that it does not now cover, added.

	Erik <>