Subject: xwindows on multia
To: None <>
From: Joseph Sarkes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/23/1999 22:52:34
Well, X runs :) The thing is though, it is very slow. It
seems to me that it is perceptably slower than X under
linux on my other multia, but i will have to do some comparison
shopping to be able to tell for sure. It almost seems to be
doing whatever it is that the console does. 

the fvwm2 package looks good. screen updating is really the
only glitch that I see in it (assuming that the failure to
actually restore the console after X termination is fixed.)

What is the difference between the XalphaNetBSD and the 
XF86_TGA that linux uses? Perhaps they have some acceleration
enabled in their server?  

I still wonder about multiple consoles on the alpha multia,
as that is also supported under linux... except for certain
things that won't compile yet on an alpha, their port is very
similar in look/feel to the pc version. 

Don't anyone get the feeling I'm complaining though, cause I
am really happy to have X on my multia under NetBSD, and don't
use it all that much in the first place, being a text oriented
user.  It is a major convenience at times though, and could use
some polishing up for speed if it is possible without too much
effort. I suspect that the task is way beyond my talents though,

Joseph Sarkes