Subject: Re: building xsrc
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From: Joseph Sarkes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/23/1999 17:16:03
Ross Harvey writes:
> > From: nathanw@MIT.EDU (Nathan J. Williams)
> >
> > > From:
> >
> > > 1) is there some particular configuration needed to make X
> > > work on an alpha multia?
> What release/version of source/kernel do you have? In this case
> it matters...

Hmmm, found my error... it works fine if i run startx from the
console, but it won't start from an rlogin session without the
error. Does the multia tga support multiple consoles like the
intel box? That would help a LOT as X left the screen weird on
exit, and I had to reboot to get the console back.

> You need to 
> > 	The X server's diagnostic messages are not the most helpful in
> > the world. Make sure that your kernel detected wsmouse0 and wskbd0,
> > and that the X server can access them. On my system I also need to
> > wsconscfg a screen or two, since I'm running with a serial console. 
> >
> > > 
> > > 2) is there a set of recommended commands for building xsrc?
> >
> > 	I think the traditional X way is "make World".
> >

there is a command called lndir in the X bin directory that will make
a shadow set of directories and symlinks to allow a build similar to a
/usr/obj directory. Worked fine, which is nice as I have an alpha and
an intel box between which I share the same /usr/src via nfs.

perhaps the Makefile can be set up to run the lndir command via
make obj with an XOBJDIR variable etc. like the rest of the source
tree. Unless one studies things a bit, the newly supped xsrc can 
get totally written over. I don't know if a make clean will fix it
up again. Actually, the lndir command might be nicer than the creation
of obj directories in the source tree for regular /usr/src, but I
don't know how much work and how much breakage this would entail.
It does have the capability of a read only mount of source though.

> > 	- Nathan
> >
> Yah, I fixed the diagnostic messages last week but didn't commit the
> mods until today. Also, ttyEcfg wasn't being created, you can do that
> with:
> 	mknod /dev/ttyEcfg c 25 255

What does this work with? are multiple consoles supported via this interface?

> There is a top level Makefile for xsrc that has a `make build' command.
> Although, I have to say, there isn't much reason to be building xsrc
> right now. Binaries that work on the Multia are in the 1.4_ALPHA test
> release, and these will run on kernels from any recent netbsd-current
> or release branch compile.

Hehe, now that I have it built, I find this out. At least I can stay
current now. 

> 	Ross.Harvey@Computer.Org

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