Subject: Re: how to go forward from 19981020-SNAP?
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: Kaleb S. KEITHLEY <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/23/1999 09:39:22
Ross Harvey wrote:
> : From: "Kaleb S. KEITHLEY" <>
> >
> > I'm running the 19990325-SNAP kernel with the rest of the system running
> > binaries from the 19981020-SNAP (although that will probably change
> > soon) on an EBP30-AN (a.k.a. PC64, PCI64, EB64+, or Cabriolet).
> >
> > I'd kinda like to configure and build my own kernel, but I don't seem to
> > have much luck in finding the sources to these snaps.
> >
> > Is my only choice to build from -current sources?
> Yes, but it's not such a bad choice, as the snapshot was itself built from
> -current sources.

Do NetBSD snaps get made when someone thinks it's a particularly "good"
version of -current, or is it like FreeBSD where snaps get made at

> So, by grabbing one of the -current source tarballs, you get about the same
> source that the snapshot was made from anyway, just something that's a bit
> newer.
> Having said that, arguments have been advanced periodically that we should
> put up the exact source the snapshot was made from; if people really care
> we can certainly do that.

Don't do it on my account. I grabbed -current and am building from that.
I hope yesterday was a good day as far as -current goes. :-) That will
probably suffice until 1.4 is done.

Thanks for answering.