Subject: Re: setting time
To: Todd Cohen <>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/22/1999 12:46:38
[ CC'd to so that this will go into a FAQ when
somebody's doing that.  also cc'd to NetBSD-help, and replies sent
there, since this is not at all specific to the alpha port.  8-]

Todd Cohen <> writes:
> dumb question, how do I my system time to EST instead of PDT

Copy or symlink the appropriate file from /usr/share/zoneinfo to

For US Eastern time, that's /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Eastern.  (The
default installation has a symlink to /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Pacific.)

I suggest "copy or symlink" depending on your preference.  Using a
symlink has the effect that figuring out what 'localtime' does and
where it points is easier.  Copying the file has the effect that the
timezone shown/used by 'date' and other programs is correct even
before /usr is mounted.  Personally, I prefer the latter, since I
know how my machine's /etc/localtime is set up.  8-)

Chris Demetriou - -
Disclaimer: Not speaking for NetBSD, just expressing my own opinion.