Subject: Re: Building a snapshot
To: None <>
From: Michael G. Schabert <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/20/1999 00:36:17
>Mail 2 News writes:
>> I am tring to build a snapshot from the April 18th tar files.  When I get
>> to the usr.sbin/ipf/rules directory I get
>> cleandir ===> usr.sbin/ipf/rules
>> make: don't know how to make cleandir. Stop
>> my error or the makefiles?
>I'm not sure if my sup was for the 17th or 18th, but my /usr/bin/as
>went south after the build, and I couldn't compile anything from the
>point it was installed. I'm trying to make build again using the
>comp.tar.gz from an old snapshot I downloaded.
>This is a danger of make -k build i suppose, or not having DESTDIR set.
>Although I can sucessfully build on the pentium, I'm unable to build
>the full src tree on the alpha, and haven't been able to for a couple
>weeks. Is this the current state of the sup tree? or do I have an
>error in my sources? (The same sources are used for both alpha and
>pentium, with separate obj directories, nfs shared src)

Hmm...I just started using SUP and playing with build for the first time
ever...all I had to do so far to get it to work was copy one header file
which for some reason wasn't where it was needed. I did a make build from
/usr/src the other day & it worked went all the way through :). I do have a
couple questions about the process, though...

When you do a "make build" in /usr/src...does it automatically install
everything? I only had enough scrollback buffer to see a lot of man pages
installed. If it does install everything, does it do the equivalent of
--unlink in tar so that even things that are in use will be replaced when
they're free?
doesn't seem to say anything as far as telling you what's going on at any
point. About it tells us is that:

The most obvious target is 'make build' from /usr/src/Makefile, which will
install updated 'mk' files, include files, libs, then rebuild the system.

The definition of "rebuild the system" is I guess where I'm curious.

Also, should you reboot after a make build, or is that not necessary unless
there are significant changes to things like inetd or init?

I was shocked, though, in that it took my AS200 4/166 30-45 mins to build a
new kernel, but that doing a whole make build only took like 8-9 hours
(didn't do X & didn't use "time"...I'll hafta do that next time). I would
have thought either the kernel should've been finished faster, or the make
build should have taken longer to keep them comparable as far as rate of
compilation (now I'm kicking myself for not ordering one of those boards
from Thor).

Finally...what do you do to make the tarballs like the snapshots on

Thank you for your time,
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