Subject: Re: Source for 74F623 (Multia-related) replacement?
To: Ken Wellsch <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/18/1999 14:43:11
[ On Sunday, April 18, 1999 at 09:28:11 (-0400), Ken Wellsch wrote: ]
> Subject: Source for 74F623 (Multia-related) replacement?
> I believe I have a Multia that requires the 74F623 replacement, as
> excellently described in Tim's NetBSD/Multia-specific FAQ.  I spent an
> hour or so Friday night perusing electronic supply places (e.g. Mouser)
> on the web and came up empty, matching e.g. 74ABT623D or whatever. Does
> anyone know of a supplier I can purchase one of the recommended part
> replacements for the 74F623 Achilles-Heel on the Multia?  Thanks! -- Ken

Early last November I bought about half of the stock Marshall claimed
they had available on-hand at the time (10 of 25 units available) (I
have 5 machines to repair and I wanted some spares so I could screw up! ;-).

The only trick with Marshall is that they have a minimum $100(USA)
order, so I also got a couple of 32MB SIMMs for the Multia too at the
outrageous price of $103.81(USA) for the pair (they were about $70(USA)
on the open market back then) -- but it was the only other thing
Marshall had that I needed and they had already gone up from $98 when I
got a quote from them a week earlier.

The part number I ordered was the TI SN74ABD623DW (there doesn't seem to
be a Marshall part number on the pick sticker, but I had ).  They were
$1.52 each, if I can read my notes properly now.

Ordering them was quite easy -- I just phoned the local Marshall office
and gave them my credit card number.  A big long box full of stuffing, a
small anti-static box with the two SIMMs, and a long static bag
containing a 20" chip carry tube with the 10 chips (that's 75% empty!)
arrived a few days later from California by FedEX (and with a $USA
charge on my credit card even though I telephoned a local office ;-).

Someday soon I'll get around to actually attempting the repair...  maybe
sooner now that I'm looking forward to getting an AlphaPC 164 too and so
will need one as a kernel test machine.  Too many machines -- not enough

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