Subject: PC164 533Mhz for SALE
To: , <>
From: aZaTHoTH <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/16/1999 18:49:15
Hi guys... I am selling my ALPHA computer :
I would try to sell it around $1500. I bought it at 2000 without screen
less than a year ago.
It comes from DCG, that is, a DIGITAL resseller.
It has 1MB 2nd Level Synchrounous SRAMS Cache, 7.5ns
64mb ram, SDRAM (2x32mb sdram, 10ns)
4.5GB Seagate ST3455N, 9ns, 7200rpms ultranarrow
NCR 65c860 Ultranarrow SCSI PCI Controller
32x pionneer IDE CD-Rom drive
#9 Vision FX 330 2mb Dram PCI Trio 764
keyboard - mouse - manuals - cables
15" PackardBell screen.
I'm flexible on the prices and the options (like if you want I can put a
Diamond Monster Fusion (3dFX) ...)
If you are interrested and want to know more, just tell me as soon as
possible. (I am going to put it in auction)
The reason why I am selling it is because I'm going to university and I
don't think there will be enough room to put more than to computers.
It is in a perfect shape, can run a large variety of OSs from linux to win
nt and I sell it with REDHAT and a license for WIN NT Workstation.
I also can provide distributions of NETBSD or FREEBSD  .


if you are interrested, tell me so A S A P because I am going to auction it
next week.

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De : Thor Lancelot Simon <>
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Date : vendredi 16 avril 1999 19:06
Objet : PC164 Alpha motherboard offer closed

>On Thu, Apr 15, 1999 at 02:15:37AM -0400, Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
>> I've arranged to make a bulk purchase of Digital AlphaPC164 motherboards,
>> with 500MHz processors.  I can make these available to NetBSD users or
>> developers at a price somewhere between $175 and $200 each, plus
>> all orders -- so if you send me email by Friday with how many you want,
>Okay, it's Friday evening, and I have to give the vendor a final quantity
>get a price.  I'm closing the offer -- any orders I haven't received yet, I
>won't allocate boards to.
>I'll send everyone email with a price and request for confirmation on
>if you ordered a board, but haven't received my next message by Tuesday
>you should contact me to follow up.  A few people have requested that I
>them, and I'll do that sometime Monday.
>As far as I know we're within 10% of the total number of boards the vendor
>can supply, so I *have* to close the offer but I believe everyone will get
>all the boards they wanted.
>I need to re-emphasize two points:
> 1) You need to *prepay*.  When I receive your payment, I'll
> move your order from my "confirmed" list to my "can ship
> out" list.  I reserve the right to not ship until checks
> clear, at my discretion.  I'm looking at an X * $10K
> cash-flow problem without prepayment, so you can, I think,
> see my motive here -- I don't have that kind of pocket
> change! :-)
> 2) There is *NO WARRANTY* and *NO GUARANTEE*.  I will
> possibly replace DOA boards, but I expect, based on vendor
> failure rates, possibly 1 or 2 of these in the whole order;
> even that would be a surprise.  If I get too many "DOA"
> claims I'll have to conclude that boards are being blown
> up with static and stop replacing before I run out of
> stock to replace from!  Take all proper ESD precautions!
>Also, there are a few questions I should answer:
> 1) Yes, heatsink and fan are included.
> 2) 36-bit "true parity" memory is required.  I don't know if
> it's all got to be *exactly* the same, but all SIMMs
> must be of the same size.  More news on 64MB modules:
> They can't be the enormous, 30-odd chip modules made of
> 4Mb parts, modules made of higher-density parts should work.
> 3) You can find the motherboard manual at:
> (Thanks, Laine!)
>That's all, folks!