Subject: RE: 2nd Announcement: cheap fast Alpha PC164 boards available
To: '' <>
From: Edwin Foo <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/16/1999 11:25:21
Actually, I was wondering - is this requirement for 36-bit memory a hard and
fast one? I admit I'm no Alpha expert, but I have tons of 32-bit SIMMs lying
around that I'd rather use instead of going out and buying $600 worth of
memory for a $200 motherboard/CPU. :-)


> 	* You'll need 4 or 8 pieces of 36-bit 72-pin SIMM memory.
> 	  All SIMMs must be the same.  Performance will be better
> 	  with 8 SIMMs (probably a bit better than the 164LX boards
> 	  on code that doesn't fit in cache) because the machine will
> 	  run with a 256-bit memory bus.  Appropriate memory is 
> available
> 	  from The Chip Merchant, among plenty of other places:
> 	  Chip Merchant part numbers 10310 and 10350 will 
> almost certainly
> 	  work, the #10355 64MB parts will probably work but the boards
> 	  are reputedly somewhat picky about which 64MB SIMMs they'll
> 	  work with, so caveat emptor.

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