Subject: Re: whats the status of X on alpha so far
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/16/1999 11:27:20
nm wrote:

> So I have an AXPPCI33 board and one day I hope to have a PC164 board.
> In 1.3.3 what would I need to run X at 16bpp?  a TGA2 card?  Will
> S3 or Matrox cards be supported in the near future?  Is this something
> that is being worked on or is it high on the priority list?

Just to clear this up (if it's a hardware question and it doesn't
involve a pmax, I tend to give up :-), is it just a SMOP to get X
working on any joe-random PCI VGA card?  The Alpha/FAQ doesn't say
what the problems are with support for video cards...  I take it
that plain text mode stuff "just works"?

If it is just a SMOP, I suspect there'll be a bunch of us working on
this RSN if there's a lot of new AlphaPC164's running NetBSD soon ;)