Subject: Re: whats the status of X on alpha so far
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/15/1999 13:34:39
: From: Andrew Gillham <>
> nm writes:
> > 
> > So I have an AXPPCI33 board and one day I hope to have a PC164 board.
> > In 1.3.3 what would I need to run X at 16bpp?  a TGA2 card?  Will
> > S3 or Matrox cards be supported in the near future?  Is this something
> > that is being worked on or is it high on the priority list?
> Sadly X on the alpha appears to be non-existent at the moment.  The
> TGA server stopped working with the wscons changes, and it hasn't
> been fixed yet.  I took a whack at converting it for my Multia, but
> didn't get very far.
> I think there are people working on this, but I'm not sure.  It would
> definitely suck to go from working 1.3 to broken 1.4.  IMHO anyway.

Wouldn't it, though.  I've been doing last-minute fixes to the X server to
track the wscons churn so that 1.4 doesn't have any regressions in X support
w.r.t. 1.3. I think I have the server fixed but now have to find what looks
like a wscons bug in the kernel.

So, the Multia-style TGA will work just fine in 1.4 ... but ...

Support in wscons and X in 1.4 for TGA's other than the Multia's looks
rather doubtful right now, given the time remaining, unless some other
developer wants to download the bt463 (or whatever) ramdac data sheet and
help out real fast...the 21030 datasheet itself is available off the
NetBSD/alpha www page.