Subject: Re: SRM FlashFloppy for Cabriolet
To: Miles Nordin <carton@Ivy.NET>
From: Chris G. Demetriou <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/13/1999 13:49:43
Miles Nordin <carton@Ivy.NET> writes:
> To make a boot disk easily, you need a PC running MS-DOS.  You can make
> disks with Digital UNIX and OpenVMS, and I've also made them with a
> utility named something like srmbootraw that runs under Linux.  NetBSD may
> have a tool like that too.


NetBSD-current (1.4_ALPHA) has a program which allows this to be done
easily.  it's mkbootimage(8), and it even has a manual page.  (it's
new, so most people aren't likely to know about it, and i wrote it, so
that's why i'm hawking it so vociferously.  8-)

From the examples section:

           mkbootimage as200_v5_8.exe as200_v5_8.exe.bootimage

     Create a bootable image from the (firmware image) file as200_v5_8.exe.
     That bootable image could then be written to floppy, disk, CD-ROM, or
     tape to create bootable firmware update media.

if you do e.g. "mkbootimage as200_v5_8.exe | dd of=/dev/rfd0a obs=144k"
it'll create a bootable firmware update floppy image for you.

You description of what files to use, etc. is a good one; somebody
should probably put something like that on our web pages.

Chris Demetriou - -
Disclaimer: Not speaking for NetBSD, just expressing my own opinion.