Subject: AlphaPC 164 hardware support
To: None <>
From: Eric Keyes <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/12/1999 16:38:50
Can anyone answer the question below? Does anyone have any observations
about different OSes on this hardware (e.g. netBSD, VMS, DU, Linux)?
---------------------- Forwarded by Eric Keyes/IS/SHAW on 04/12/99 04:37 PM

Michael Graff <> on 04/12/99 04:35:56 PM

To:   Eric Keyes/IS/SHAW
Subject:  Re: Anyone out there???

Did you ask this on, the alpha mailing list?


"Eric Keyes" <> writes:

> I have been trying to get a question answered and was hoping to be
> toward the right person. I have a setup that I want to verify will work
> with NetBSD (current version). The configuration is:
> DEC AlphaPC 164 motherboard
> Matrox Millenium II PCI video
> Adaptec 2940uw SCSI host
> Ensoniq AudioPCI sound
> Intel EtherExpress 10/100B NIC
> Can someone tell me whether this will run the current version. If not,
> the next release work? I heard OpenBSD has core dump problems on this
> platform and that netBSD has the best multi-platform support. I have
> already sent different eMails to netBSD contacts but with no replies. I
> know everyone is busy and that most, if not all, are volunteers so I am
> angry, just anxious. I don't want to go to Linux unless I have no other
> option. I want the best OS available for this set up (not including
> Unix aka Tru64). Please reply with any knowledge about this platform and
> how netBSD runs on it.
> Thanks,
> Eric keyes