Subject: Installing on a Cabriolet
To: None <>
From: Andrew Lauder <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/12/1999 09:57:48
I have been having the worst time possible with installing a *n*x on my Alpha.

First, I ordered it back in December, and just now finally got the
remaining ram, that I ordered after finding that it needed 2 pairs of
identical ram.  After getting past that, I was planning on installing Red
Hat Alpha, but I have heard that it is not very good, when compared to a
BSD.  So, I decided I would try BSD.  I guess I don't have it anymore, but
I did get a disk from digital, that had the SRM console on it, but I think
I lost it since December.  From what I've heard, I need SRM in order to run
any of the Free BSD's.  I looked everywhere on Digital's site, but all I
could find, was a directory, which had some form of a firmware update, but
when I try to run that by issuing the command fwupdate, or in ARC, under
update firmware, it looks like its gonna work, but it just stays a blue screen.

My question is, does anyone on this list have an SRM image laying around
for the Cabriolet?

Just in case you need them, my specs are:

Cabriolet - 21064A - w/ 21071 Chipset on board
S3 Virge Video Card
Linksys - LE100TX - 10/100 ethernet card
Western Digital 7193 8 Bit SCSI I controller
2 SCSI I hard drives - a quantum 2 gig, and a Fugitsu 4 gig
128 megs of True Parity Ram

If anyone could help me I would greatly appreciate it, because it appears
that I am at a deadend.
My only alternative, is to go get a Linux compatible SCSI card, and install
Red Hat.  And I don't think you guys want me to do that.

Also, please CC me to anything on this list.  How do I join this list, if I
can get Net BSD to run on my box?

Thank You Very Much

Andy Lauder