Subject: Re: config bug in 1.3.2?
To: None <,>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/12/1999 03:37:00
>>> If I install the sources from my 1.3.2 CD, can I upgrade to the
>>> most current release [] without having to download too much files?

_Can_, yes, probably.  But as Ross Harvey says, doing that

> via source recompile is by far the hardest possible way to go, and
> requires several days of time by a wizard who would have known to
> just download the last snapshot.  (We've said this many times, don't
> try to upgrade over a long time span via source recompile.)

He's right.  I recently tried to jump from a 1998-08-03 system to a
1999-03-11 system via source recompile (on a SPARC, but the
architecture difference is minor for these purposes).  I never did
succeed; I eventually grabbed the most essential binaries from the
latest binary snapshot.  (I don't like to do upgrades via snapshots
because the snapshots are of course not built from sources with my
patches applied, and a few of the patches are such as to make it hard
to run a system that's partially stock and partially patched.)

>>> Can you provide a pointer to a step-by-step guide for this,

No.  Even if I had succeeded, I would never risk trying to provide a
step-by-step guide for it; anyone who really stands a fighting chance
of pulling it off isn't going to need such a guide, especially on a
machine where a full build takes only a couple of hours (and hence you
try half a dozen different things without too much pain).  The problem
is basically a chicken-and-egg thing; what finally stymied me, as I
recall, was that I couldn't *build* a new ld and as without *having* a
new ld and as.  I probably could have licked it if I'd had to, but by
that point I'd already destroyed the old ld and as and hence had a
non-working toolchain, and it was easier to get the new binaries from
the snapshot than to restore the old ones from backups.

>>> and how much disk space will it take?

I just did a du on an unpatched 1999-03-11 source tree and it reported
225871 K.  On the same source tree with all my patches applied and
"make cleandir && make depend && make" done, du reports 489186 K.
(This is all on an 8K/1K filesystem on an alpha.)

					der Mouse

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