Subject: Re: config bug in 1.3.2?
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/11/1999 14:25:37
: From: "Michael G. Schabert" <>
> >Hallo!
> >Which leads to my next question: If I install the sources from my 1.3.2
> >CD, can
> >I upgrade to the most current release via CVSup without having to download too
> >much files? Can you provide a pointer to a step-by-step guide for this,
> >and how
> >much disk space will it take?

We do sup and ftp distributions, with anoncvs coming. CVSup is not in
the plan.

But an upgrade from 1.3.2 via source recompile is by far the hardest possible
way to go, and requires several days of time by a wizard who would have
known to just download the last snapshot. (We've said this many times,
don't try to upgrade over a long time span via source recompile.) In this
case, you should just stay tuned and install 1.4 or the upcoming alpha or
beta test builds.