Subject: urgent repost: serial port problem
To: None <>
From: jamie <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/02/1999 00:32:59
<anyone out there able to help, direct me to someone who can or has any
ideas??, much appreciated>
>	I'm a new user to the netbsd alpha port. I own a dec 3000 / 300 lx
>(turbochannel). I recently switched to netbsd 1.3.3 from digital unix. The
>alpha has no monitor therefore I had to set it up using a serial terminal &
> a null modem cable. After I set it up & hardware jumpered it back to its
>default console setting & booted it back up. Everything works fine, until I
>hooked a modem up to the serial port. Not long after netbsd boots the DTR
>light comes on on the modem & also the RD & TD lights stay on. Once netbsd
>has finished booting I can <sometimes> connect to a remote modem, but when
>the connection is established this modem just pumps garbage to the remote
>one. I tried changing /etc/ttys because I thought the port baud rate might
>be locked at 9600 or something but that wasnt it. I have also tried
>rabuilding all devices in /dev to no avail. It has to be software because
>the modem is fine until netbsd boots. The modem isnt faulty because it gets
>used often on a linux box that I have. Any suggestions welcome.
>											Jamie