Subject: Re: LKM && NetBSD-1.3.3 && DEC 3000-M300X
To: Johan Danielsson <>
From: Adam Sulmicki <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/01/1999 18:54:13
Johan Danielsson writes:
->Adam Sulmicki <> writes:
->> Unless I'm missing something obvious, it seems to be ulteriorily
->> broken.
->Modload only supports a.out, but there is a patched version at
->You will also need `-mno-fp-regs' to convince gcc not to emit floating
->point ops (which doesn't work in the kernel).
->See also port-alpha/6149.

Thanks to everyone who replied.

I was able to compile it after bit wrestling (_SC_PAGE undef on 1.3.3),
after changing bit of module itself (depreciated system calls etc) , I was
able to get to this point. It is basically where _every_ single module I
try stops (those in /usr/share/lkm as well as those in /sys/lkm )

dew# make load
/sbin/modload -o mfs -emfs_lkmentry mfs.o
modload: error loading buffer: Cannot allocate memory
*** Error code 11


I had been looking around but so far I'm clueless as to what's wrong
here. Does anyone has ideas? Below I attached output of relevant proc
from modload after putting it by pre-proc

dew# gcc -E /usr/src/modload/modload/*.c | grep -B 1  "error load"
if(ioctl(devfd, ( (unsigned long)0x80000000   | 
	((  sizeof(  struct lmc_loadbuf )  & 0x1fff ) << 16) | 
	((       ( 'K' ) ) << 8) | (  (  1 ) ))   , &ldbuf) == -1)
   err(11, "error loading buffer");

I suspect the reason for differences is that it seems, to me that
most ppl here are using NetBSD-Current, not NetBSD-1.3.3 and the
incompatibilties are the result.

Thus I would like to hear what ppl think. Should I switch to NetBSD-current
if I want to develop for Alpha? My inital reason to go with 1.3.3 was to have
a stable platform to start with..