Subject: Re: mount hangs
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: Matthew Jacob <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/01/1999 15:13:36
> >
> > No problem. I was told that Charles was looking at it, so I stopped
> > looking at it myself.
> >
> > Who *is* on it? If nobody currently is, I'll go back to tracking the
> > actual problem down- unless Bernd's conclusion that it's a compiler bug is
> > what folks are happy with.
> It's up to you, Matt-dude!
> 	Me and Charles: the problem doesn't happen to us
> 	Tim: 		disk crash
> 	Bernd: 		hostage to sky-high .de telecom rates

Hmmph! I have a contract with Legato to provide Legato linux client
support for Deutsche Telecom... Maybe I shoulda asked them to drop rates

> 	Matt: 		our savior?

That's an unlikely role. But I will resume working on it...

> We need someone who can get the hang to do a cvs -D binary search, and
> find the day that this started to happen. It seems to be something in
> the kernel.
> Thanks in advance!

Already started the binary search. Luckily I can do it as a background
task over the next day whilst I do other items.