Subject: Re: mount hangs
To: Bernd Ernesti <>
From: Ken Wellsch <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 04/01/1999 13:17:44
| From: Bernd Ernesti <>
| Btw, the problem started when i updated my alpha from an feb source to
| a one on the 27th, so we only have to search between the 21st and the 27th.
| I don't think that I will do that today.
| Bernd

For what it is worth, I had an anomoly happen WRT single-user and /etc/rc.
I rebuilt my world circa the 24 and when I first installed it, I would
hang when I tried to go multi-user.  db reported I was stuck in /bin/sh
and I knew I wasn't reading any of /etc/rc because I added a "set -x"
to the top of /etc/rc and got no output. But when I did a reinstall of
/bin/sh, this hang vanished.  I remember sending e-mail on the 25th to
Ross only to build a new kernel from that day's sup, reinstall /bin/sh
and have everything seem to work okay again.  If it is timing related
I may have just been lucky or something.

Anyway, I'm still able to run that world (24/25), just nothing newer.

-- Ken