Subject: Re: mount hangs
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: Matthew Jacob <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/30/1999 16:56:43
> Hmm, we've been building kernels with no problems. Are you updating
> your /etc too? (I rarely do that, and the stock rc script has been
> churned a bit recently. It sounds like you might be running it. Is
> there an NFS or ifconfig dependency that's happening in the wrong
> order now?)
> Does a new kernel work with the old userland?  An old mount with the
> otherwise new stuff?

No- it's the mount program itself or something related- I just tried the
mount build in /usr/src/sbin and got (at single user level):

I3         cvslogs    ktrace.out mount      xx
# ktrace mount > foo 2>&1 &

(hang- echoes, but stuff is not responsived)