Subject: Re: how to boot with GENERIC.fs
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From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/25/1999 19:22:35
> From Thu Mar 25 19:08:27 1999
> Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 12:12:08 +0900
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> From: Wada Tatsuaki <>
> Subject: how to boot with GENERIC.fs
> Thank you for the new snapshot.
> I've just installed on my lx164 with aha SCSI controller.
> I'd like to boot the new snapshot from SRM 5.3 console that not recognize AHA device as noted
> The INSTALL note refered to GENERIC.fs for such a case.
> Could someone show me the more details about how to boot with the just installed root fs on my HD with AHA SCSI controller from SRM console?
> Is there any method like booting Linux from SRM console?, e.x.,
> 	>boot -fi vmliux.gz -fl "root=/dev/sd0a".

Drat, I was wondering if the treatment in the INSTALL doc was sufficient,
I guess it wasn'

1. Be sure the INSTALL.* file you d/l'ed is the latest one, I revised it a
few times while uploading snapshot bits.

2. Anyway, you have GENERIC.fs in the snapshot. You need to write that to
a floppy with a dd(1) command:
	dd bs=18k if=GENERIC.fs of=/dev/rfd0a

3. You then do a "boot -fl n dva0" and tell it sd0 when it asks you for
"root device?".

4. If you want this to be automatic, build yourself a new kernel with a
custom "config root on sd0a" line and then follow the procedure in:


to make the thing bootable. Actually, now that the floppy works, you can
just treat the floppy like any other disk device and use the usual newfs(8)
and installboot(8) to make it bootable.

5. As far a syntax for the boot flags goes, that's pretty funny, I proposed doing
just that a few days ago.