Subject: Known bugs in firmware 7.0 ? [tftp ??]
To: None <>
From: Adam Sulmicki <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/25/1999 03:41:28
	I have an DEC 3000 Model 300X. I was trying to 
	Install NetBSD on it. I ran across this problem :(

	I just have upgraded the firmware from 
	v6.0 to v7.0

	everything so far appears to be fine except 
	that it does not want netboot anymore!

	It seems it sends out malformed tftp requests.	

	the command I used to netboot is 

		'boot ez0'

	Here's an example of tcpdump for 
	bootp request before upgrade.

00:53:29.164910 > 27 RRQ

	after upgrade.. 

03:20:11.184910 > 32 tftp-#0 [tos 0x1]

	and with increased verbosity..

03:27:25.144910 > 32 tftp-#0 [tos
0x1] (ttl 30, id 2447, bad cksum e40a!)

	needless to say tftpd does not repond anymore 
	so such malformed request :(

	the bootp was the only way for me to upgrade that box :(

	any ideas? suggestions? is that known problem?