Subject: Re: upgrading 1.3.3 -> -current
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/24/1999 18:01:48
: From: Kevin <>
> At 06:42 PM 3/24/99 , David Brownlee wrote:
> >On Wed, 24 Mar 1999, Kevin wrote:
> >
> >> I have the current source sup'd as of yesterday, but many attempts at
> >> building it have failed.  Probably because I'm not building the tools in
> >> the right order, or some other crap.  Sorry I've been at this for fare to
> >> many hours.  Is there a sure-fire set of instructions for upgrading from
> >> 1.3.3 -> current via source compile?  If there is, my many web and dejanews
> >> searches have not found them.  
> >> 
> >	Nope - its find the tools that break and reinstall.
> >	You _really_ want to go with the snapshot :)
> Damn.  I was afraid of.  That's a +60meg download I've been hoping was not
> necessary.  I guess it is.  

Right, there are lots of dependencies, sometimes even wierd recursive
or circular ones. We deal with these on an ad-hoc basis as they come
up, but if you try a giant leap forward, like 1.3.3->current, you
get all the problems at once plus some we never saw because you are
seeing the transitive closure of all the deltas.

Remember: 1.3.3 was a "dot" or "patch" release, so its distance from -current
is, for the most part, dated from the branch for the FIRST of the 1.3
series.  That's well over a year...

> >> I have read in other posts that it is easier to get a current snapshot then
> >> sup and compile the latest current from there.  On there is
> >> a binary snapshot for current that is dated back in October.  Is there a
> >> more recent version available on another site?

There is a new snapshot that was on standby because I hadn't yet built X.
I will put it on the ftp site tonight with or without X...

> >> Is /usr/src/gnu required for a basic system?  My /usr/src filesystem is
> >> kinda on the small side,(171megs) and i don't think I'll have the room to
> >> do a full make build with the gnu sources thrown in there also.  
> >
> >	Its pretty much all required :/
> Time to backup and repartition then.  Might as well do it all at the same
> time.  I have to reinstall the base anyway.

Of course, if you download the snapshot you can pick and choose among the
source sets.