Subject: Re: DigitalServer 3305 & SRM console code upgrade necessary/desireable?
To: None <>
From: Wilko Bulte <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/24/1999 19:50:16
As Thor Lancelot Simon wrote ...
> On Wed, Mar 24, 1999 at 02:43:49AM -0800, Erik E. Fair wrote:
> > 
> > As a secondary issue, this box has a very nice cage in the front for
> > UltraWide SCSI drives with SCA-2 connectors on 'em, but what DEC wants to
> > charge for storage is extortionate. I would like to find a source for the
> > disk mounting brackets for this system, buy three of those, and then
> > separately buy disks from somewhere else at commodity prices.
> > 
> > Anyone know where those brackets can be purchased as parts (replacement or
> > otherwise) without disks in 'em? A web search revealed little...
> Those are StorageWorks canisters.  You can get them from Island Computer, a
> reseller that frequently posts in comp.sys.dec.

Probably not Storageworks canisters. Believe it or not but there are a
couple of the newer Alphaservers that use a sort of metal bracket-thingy
of their own. I'm suspicious about the SCA-2 connector remark.

The Storageworks SBBs (storage building blocks) use a 96pin DIN 41612
connector in a plastic (but metal plated internally to limit EMI) casing.

A flexwire connects the drive (can be SCA-2 or something older) to the
DIN connector.

> Same canisters that are used in Network Appliance fileservers -- needless
> to say, NetApp charges even more for them than DEC does.

NetApp bought/buys(?) them as an OEM. 

Groeten / Cheers,
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