Subject: pkg:ncurses
To: None <>
From: Berndt Josef Wulf <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/22/1999 10:18:55

Last weekend I needed the ncurses libs to build the dialog package
which was needed for tnt-1.7. I was suprised that it was barred from
building on the alpha platform.

I removed the restriction and succesfully compiled the ncurses,
dialog and consequently tnt-1.7.

Is ncurses considered to be broken on netbsd-alpha? The comment in the
Makefile mentioned that the alpha port needed to be "libtooled" 
whatever this means.

Anyhow, as far as I am concerned, it now works for me ;)
Perhaps an opportunity for someone in the know to change the
status of ncurses in the packages tree and for that matter
most other applications which use these libs.

cheerio Berndt
Name	: Berndt Josef Wulf
E-Mail	:
Sysinfo	: DEC AXPpci33+, NetBSD-1.3.3