Subject: pkg_create coredumps & other Q's
To: None <>
From: Michael G. Schabert <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/21/1999 11:05:29
Hi all,
Was there ever a fix for pkg_create dumping core when doing a make install
on packages? It started with the december snapshot for me I think, & is
still doing it with Jan 25th snapshot. Not all packages have problems, but
the ones that do, dump core every time. It does it in the registration
process. It get so that there's a +COMMENTS file in the
/var/db/pkg/whatever/ directory, but that file has length of 0. When I do a
pkg_info, it'll give me:

pkg_info: show_file: can't open '+COMMENT' for reading

with the next line containing the name of the package that's not working.

It won't let me reinstall, because it says it's already registered as being
installed (although it does tell me I can bypass that by setting a
variable. It won't let me DEinstall, because it tells me it's not
installed. I can delete the directory /var/db/pkg/whatever/ and then it'd
let me install, so even though it's not in the actual .db yet (I think) it
does look to reference those files.

I end up having to use pkg_add on binaries instead of doing the local
compile in order to get the package successfully installed, but that
depends on binaries for alpha existing.

Is there a way to manually do the registration part, or something I can
change about the pkg_create that'll stop the coredumps? If any cores would
be of assistance, I can cook one up at will, but gdb tells me that it was
from a stripped binary.

On a slightly different there any way to declare 1 interface
secure for telnets to allow root to telnet in? I use ISDN PPP for Internet
access, & I like being able to telnet in from the 'Net as a user, but it
would be convenient for me to be able to telnet in from my Ethernet (this
is my house, so I consider it secure) and be directly root. So, I'd like my
Mac to be able to telnet in directly as root, but require the 'Net to use
su or to just be a user. I run my alpha as a headless server, & only hook
up another computer as serial console when necessary (if it's not
responding to anything from the Ethernet). I currently do what's normally
considered dumb...I made ttyp0 be secure, which lets me have exactly 1 root
connection, from ANY network. I just connect with my Mac & leave that
always connected, so that ttyp0 is never available except to me. It would
be much better if I could just declare de0 to be secure. Yes, I know I
could use ssh, but there's no really good clients under MacOS, which I'm
usually using.

Thanks for any insight,
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