Subject: Need help bootstrapping 164lx
To: None <qiclab!!port-alpha>
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List: port-alpha
Date: 03/19/1999 11:52:10
I'm trying to bring up a 164lx.  Amasingly, the AlphaBIOS will talk
to a serial console.  But how does one switch to SRM?  AlphaBIOS
doesn't see any of my SCSI controllers, so it doesn't see any disks,
and "OS Selection Setup..." wants to see a disk before it does
anything.  There is a "Run Maintenance Program..." but at that point
the menus run out and you have to know what to type (and it probably
wants to get it off a disk anyway?)

It says F1=Help but F1 doesn't do anything.  

AlphaBIOS Version 5.66

On the multia, one just pokes around in the ARC menus until
"switch to Digital Unix" appears.  But how does one switch to SRM
from AlphaBIOS?


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