Subject: Re: serial ports on Multia
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List: port-alpha
Date: 03/19/1999 11:29:50
Chris Jones writes:

> I can't use the serial ports on my multia.  I can send characters out
> the serial port, but I don't get any back.

I get "com0: 2 silo overflows, 0 ibuf floods" messages but they
work okay other than this. (I'm runnng 1.3.3 rather than 1.3K)

Since you have one direction working, I assume you are using the correct
/dev entry, and have the baud and such correct.

Are you using a Y cable to use both ports?  If so is the pinout correct?
(and cable known good)  If not, maybe try the other port?  Do both
ports act the same?

If you're using a null modem, is it the correct version?

Are RTS/CTS/DTR/CD correct?

Any chance the port has been static zapped?  RS-232 is fairly
rugged, but it can get killed by static.

Is the device on the other end known good and configured correctly?

I assume you've tried ^Q.

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