Subject: Re: ncr hangs system
To: Ross Harvey <>
From: Wilko Bulte <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/19/1999 18:11:24
As Ross Harvey scribbled...

> : From: Wilko Bulte <>
> : As Matthew Jacob scribbled...
> > Come on, that was 1994 when this was written. I've had lengthy discussions
> > with one of the fathers of Ultra SCSI and it seems to make a he* of a
> > difference how well you can design and produce your silicon. And control
> > your bus impedance, which gets us back to the cable issue.
> >
> > See for the bus isolator chips. We can now do
> > 20 meters _single ended ultra scsi_ (though point to point only)
> > using these things. (we == DEC ^H^H^H Compaq storage division).
> Elaborate contortions to make a bad interface work, membership on a spec
> committee, necessary legacy compatibility, and examples of dubious
> accomplishments have nothing to do with the fact that SE interfaces are
> now and will always be poor interfaces spec'ed by bad engineers or hostages
> to poorly chosen world standards. (Yes, I know, you guys don't really have
> a choice, just like Auspex didn't really have freedom to choose.)
> Signal integrity just wasn't well understood in the small computer world when
> SCSI was thought up.
> And in fact, after we went to the 68-pin connector for wide drives,
> differential wasn't even intrinsically more expensive, the cost difference
> was purely from volume issues, the world having chosen the wrong standard.

The world still does. See IDE for an example. Or DAT drives or...

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