Subject: Re: kernel stack traceback
To: Paul H. Anderson <>
From: Michael T. Stolarchuk <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/18/1999 17:25:15
In message <>, "Paul H. Anderson" writes:
>I've got a machine with a kernel panic sitting here on a serial console in
>the kernel debugger.
>Bill Sommerfield wants a stack traceback.

ask him... of if you want to forward his request to me... i will...
of tell the the ddb on the netbsd alpha implementation doesn't do

>How do I get one?
>I can go back up the stack manually if I know the calling conventions for
>gcc and alpha, then get the routine names out of the kernel image - I used
>to do this when I was porting osf/1 to the power PC.  Are the alpha/gcc
>calling conventions documented anywhere?
>Failing that, what do you suggest I do for debug?  I can do most anything
>with a teensy bit of guidance, including setting up to reproduce the panic

we ought to ask the alpha-netbsd guys to see what they say...
when i aksed they said it was quite hard to get stack traces...