Subject: alpha peripherals
To: None <>
From: Tobias Ernst <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/11/1999 11:29:00

Now that I managed to netboot my Multia, I would like to equip it with some
additional hardware. In particular, for using the Multia as an "advanced" X
terminal, I absolutely need a graphics card that makes 1024x768, 65k colors and
85 Hz refresh rate, and that has an accelerated, fast X Server.

Is there any graphics card that will work with NetBSD and the internal PCI slot
of the Multia? I own a Elsa Winner 2000 Pro/X, should I try this one? Or do you
have a recommendation on what I should buy?

Also 100 MBit Ethernet would definitely be a good thing for fast X11 sessions.
However, as I want to spend the PCI slot for a graphics card, I would have to
use a PCMCIA Ethernet card. The question is if the Multia PCMCIA slot can fully
use 100 MBit cards (which requires CardBus support to see a speed improvement
over 10 MBit if I'm not wrong), and of course if NetBSD does support this.
Again, recommendations on what to buy would be helpful.

Viele Gr=FC=DFe,