Subject: Re: Please Help with IPNAT and NetBSD/Alpha
To: None <>
From: Michael G. Schabert <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/09/1999 19:11:49
>At 01:09 AM 3/9/99 , Tom Harvey wrote:
>>good luck. NetBSD/alpha 1.3H should make a fine cable modem NAT'ing router.
>I'm glad to hear this, because I have a DEC 3000 I plan on doing this
>with.  Question:  Can I do this with just 1 ethernet card in the alpha?  I
>would like to assign 2 IP's to the same ethernet interface (le0), one from
>my non-routable ip block the other from the cable connection.  Then, run
>ipnat between the 2 subnets on the same ethernet segment.  I know
>performance will be degraded, but i would just like to know if it's
>technically possible.  My other option would be to hunt down a turbochannel
>NIC which I don't want to do if i don't have to.

Yes, you can do NAT with just 1 NIC. You'd use ifaliases to set the
secondary IP addie.

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