Subject: Re: Kernel compile: 1 bug, 1 hang
To: None <,>
From: Ross Harvey <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/05/1999 00:58:20
: From: Frank Louwers <>

> |      "Berkely brought us two things:                                       |
> |       Unix and LSD. This is believed not to be a coincidence ..."          |

Eric Haszlakiewicz has covered your technical questions well, perhaps
I will address your .sig ... :-)

1. Unix was invented at Bell Labs, although Berkeley did create the modern
   form of it.

2. LSD and its effects were invented/discovered in Switzerland, (Hofmann,
   a researcher at Sandoz) and though its promotion as a drug _was_ associated
   with an American university, that institution was Harvard. (Leary and
   Alpert, faculty members.)