Subject: Re: UDB - Install disk hangs ...
To: Chris Jones <>
From: Frank Louwers <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 03/04/1999 09:28:28
On Wed, Mar 03, 1999 at 09:05:18AM -0700, Chris Jones wrote:
> >>>>> "Frank" == Frank Louwers <> writes:
> Frank> However, the install disk (floppy-144) hangs after about 10
> Frank> lines of text. It boots OK at first, displays about 10 lines of
> Frank> output, then says "Loading netbsd.gz", a number (filesize?) on
> Frank> the next line, and then hangs. The light from the floppy is
> Frank> still on, but the floppy doesn't make any noises, and the unit
> Frank> just hangs.
> I believe this is a floppy bug due to old firmware; 

Thank you, and the others! I upgraded my firmware, and the disk booted without
problems (complained about errors, but did it anyway!)

I am now configuring my system, but have one big problem:

the system is a UDB, and if I change the resolution with the jumpers, he
doesn't seem to do a lot. Anyway, I can't get the resolution to anything other
than 1280 or something my monitor calls "signal out of range".

The monitor that is normally attached to it, is a small old one, and is NOT
capable of doin 1280! Any suggestions?


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