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Here, de-Wordified and heavily excerpted, are some passages from Compaq's
announcement about their support for Linux.  I removed the marketing
buzz (which shortened the announcement significantly) and also deleted
Compaq's claims to be responsible for support (such as donating Linus's
first Alpha system) that really came from Digital Equipment Corporation.
Despite their attempts at historical revisionism, I think they're to
be commended for the direction they're taking.  Next thing you know,
they'll be releasing source for CPML and em86 :-)

HOUSTON, March 2, 1999 

Compaq Computer Corporation today announced the availability of ProLiant
1850R, ProLiant 1600 and ProSignia 720 servers preloaded with Linux
through Compaq's channel partners.  Earlier this year Compaq announced a
similar Linux-ready capability with the AlphaServer 800 and AlphaServer
DS20 systems.

Further adding to its portfolio of Linux offerings, Compaq also announced
the availability of Linux-enabled models of the AlphaPowered Compaq
Professional Workstation XP1000, the world's fastest workstation.

Today, Linus Torvalds received an AlphaServer DS20 from Compaq, which
he will use as his development platform for Linux.

Compaq further boosted the unmatched performance of its AlphaServer 800,
AlphaServer DS20 and Professional Workstation XP1000 systems running Linux
by introducing the Compaq Portable Math Library (CPML) for Linux on the
Alpha platform.  A beta version of CPML will be available free on March
15, 1999 at the following URL:

Compaq has performed hardware validation and certification for Linux on
select Alpha and ProLiant server platforms and will provide customers
with Linux-ready systems including the option of preloaded Linux from
Compaq's channel partners. Additionally, Compaq Services and Red Hat
have agreed to collaborate on services for their mutual customers.

To further ease the deployment and installation of Linux on its platforms,
Compaq will announce new Linux-focused ActiveAnswers solutions in 2Q99.
Compaq ActiveAnswers provides online tools and technical information
to plan, deploy and operate business solutions.  These solutions will
enable Compaq channel partners and customers to access the latest
recommended configurations and installation methodologies for Linux on
Compaq platforms.  For more information on Compaq ActiveAnswers, visit
our Web site at

For further editorial information, contact:

Compaq Computer Corporation
Dick Calandrella

Golin Harris Public Relations Agency
Kristen Wilson

Bill Roman  ( / roman@songdog.uucp)   running linux

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