Subject: Re: Multia Infant Mortality Syndrome
To: None <>
From: Nathan Straz <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/31/1998 09:33:19
> On 30-Oct-98 Nathan Straz spoke unto us all:
> #  into a note on a web page about running a Multia without a 
> #  keyboard and thus frying the motherboard.  Is this a fact?  I have a
> #  feeling I might be an example of one.  Thank god for warranties.  
> Doubt it.. after having my multia repaired, I've now gone over 160 days
> with no keyboard.  Machine is rock stable.

What repairs did you have to make to get your Multia to be rock 
solid.  I'd like to use that as a possible starting point if the battery 
doesn't fix my problem.  

Nathan Straz