Subject: Re: Multia Infant Mortality Syndrome
To: None <>
From: Nathan Straz <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/30/1998 07:51:50
> Well, it looks like my Multia bit it, probably due to that resistor pack
> thing.  It had kernel panics within 5 minutes of booting and now won't
> boot at all (not even to SRM).  I can't afford to repair it because I got

Just five minutes.  I guess I had better luck with mine.  I had it 
running for a few days without any problems, then things started 
going poorly.  I called CPUMicromart because it was still under 
warranty and they offered to extend the warranty while they send 
me a new battery since I couldn't find one locally.  I just bumped 
into a note on a web page about running a Multia without a 
keyboard and thus frying the motherboard.  Is this a fact?  I have a 
feeling I might be an example of one.  Thank god for warranties.  

Nathan Straz