Subject: Re: FYI: remaining DEC Multia's are $99[usa]
To: None <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/30/1998 02:01:55
[ On Thu, October 29, 1998 at 22:38:25 (PST), David Seifert wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: FYI: remaining DEC Multia's are $99[usa]
> > Now I just wish I could find someone with a small quantity of those
> > 74ABT623 parts to fix my dead Multias and make sure the new ones don't
> > die prematurely....  (marshall now has the philips part in stock, but
> > want a minimum order of 114 units, of a total of $199.50[usa], and
> > there's a 42-day lead time because it's back-ordered!)
> Have you tried Arrow Electronics?  Their minumum order is US$25 per item.
> (I don't know if they ship to Canada.)

They list the right part, but don't have on-line ordering.

> There is also a TI ABT part that should work.  Slightly different part
> number prefix/suffix for package and such.
> Somebody's web page (TI I think?) had a list of distributors
> that was very useful.

I hadn't realized until recently that TI Semi. have an office right here
in the Greater Toronto Area, and I've also found the name of a local
Philips distributor.  I'll try these local offices before I try doing a
phone order with Arrow.  I generally detest trying to do phone ordering
with any electronics distributor -- I'd rather stand in line at the
counter at places like Electrosonic, which is not much fun either, but
at least you can visually verify what you're getting before you pay.
Unfortunately Electrosonic is about 20yrs behind the times and don't
seem to carry this part either (nor the resistor networks that I hope I
don't need).

I wish Newark had the right packaging in stock (they only have the DIP
version).  They've got a really fine on-line order system that works
great for us Canadians, and I've had good success ordering other small
things from them in the recent past.  (Their on-line catalog search
isn't as good as some others, but it's not totally unusable.)

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