Subject: FYI: remaining DEC Multia's are $99[usa] (forwarded)
To: NetBSD/alpha Discussion List <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: port-alpha
Date: 10/30/1998 01:21:41
Some of you might find this interesting if you're looking for an ultra
cheap entry into the Alpha marketplace.

Unfortunately they only ship via UPS, which means that getting them to
Canada brings the total cost up to something like $250[cdn]+GST.

Now I just wish I could find someone with a small quantity of those
74ABT623 parts to fix my dead Multias and make sure the new ones don't
die prematurely....  (marshall now has the philips part in stock, but
want a minimum order of 114 units, of a total of $199.50[usa], and
there's a 42-day lead time because it's back-ordered!)

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Subject: -- 166MHZ DEC ALPHA MULTIA'S AVAILABLE - --->  $99 <---
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DEC Multia's are now available through our own website
http://WWW.CPUMICROMART.COM for $99.

We recently purchased DEC's entire remaining inventory of Alpha Multia's.

The Multia is a 166mhz DEC Alpha (cpu 21066-AA), with integrated SVGA,
sound, ethernet,  2 PCMCIA slots, and a floppy drive.  It makes a great
inexpensive Linux, BSD, or Windows NT workstation.  We also have components
such as hard drive and memory upgrades available, such as 64MB True Parity
RAM - 2 SIMMS for $139.00

We currently have the VX-40 model in our warehouse.  Currently, we only have
the version with Internal SCSI-2 connector.  If you would like to use
external drives, a commonly available cable can be mounted into the Multia.

We were formerly auctioning the Multia through, and are now
selling our remaining inventory directly.

You can do secure, online ordering through our website.  The original Multia
hardware service guide is also available there, in .PDF format.

We do ship internationally with UPS, with payment by major credit card.
Average shipping cost to Europe has been between $100-$150.

If you are a reseller interested in ordering in quantities greater than 10,
there are quantity discounts available.

CPU Micromart

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